Description about department

Name of Department: Science and Humanities

                   Science and Humanities is front door lobby of Engineering and Technological education at Diploma level. This department consists of four different subjects Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. First, from the scientific point of view, it deals imparting education of the basic laws of science and mathematics at diploma level. It also imparts education of English language and communication Skills. Second, from the application and utility point of view, this department also deals with providing skills base education of these subjects from practical context.

Laboratory Experimental Details:

Name of Lab:

       1. Chemistry Laboratory

  • Qualitative analysis of salt solution
  • Analysis of coal, water, cement

         2. Physics Laboratory:

  • Verifications of principles and laws
  • Determination of variables

         3. Language Laboratory

  • Conducting English language practices for improving basic language skills learning.
  • Conducting practices for improving communication skills and soft skills learning
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