Vision, Mission and Goals


                 To create knowledge oriented, technically well equipped and visionary human resources primarily from rural sector to meet ever changing industrial challenges in particular and society in general at large.


Mission :

  • To ensure and to facilitate well coordinated educational resources and productive learning resources
  • To provide cognitive material inputs and infrastructure so as to transform matriculated adolescent into all round developed persons
  • To create morally-ethically self-righteous individuals who have competitive knowledge and trained technical skill-set with themselves
  • To produce technically competent manpower that will confidently face challenges given to them by current time, industrial circumstances and changing scenario of society.



  • Short term goals
  1. Increasing faculty occupancy ratio to 90% by June 2018
  2. Getting accreditation to all courses by December 2017
  • Long term goals
  1. Getting autonomous institute status in next five years
  2. Establishing Center of Excellence in areas like renewable energy
  3. Setting up training center for automobile sector (Yamaha, Mercedes etc.)



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